During my second semester we wrote a report in which we bring attention to reflection-oriented programming (aka. ROP). The focus in the report is to determine when it is beneficial to use and implement ROP. We furthermore researched two of the biggest IT scandals in Denmark, and we try to find the cause. What we were interested in was: could ROP have been used, and would it have saved the respective companies money when looking long term? During the project we initiated a meeting with KMD, where we learned how they use ROP, but also how they would go about developing their programs - here I mean what sort of model they’d use, e.g. the water fall model. Lastly we wanted to try and use ROP, so we wrote to simple programs in Java. One where we used only standard OOP principles, and the other would implement the ROP ideas. We then analyzed the pro’s and con’s for using ROP based on our codes.

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